Rules & Policies

Beach Bum Holiday Rentals
354 Main Street, Suite A
Pismo Beach, California
USA, 93449

The Lock Box code for after-hours key pick-up will be issued once full payment and a signed agreement are received.

Check out time is 11:00am. Keys must be delivered and returned to our office at check-out time. Late departures will be charged.

Credit Card Required
A major credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card) is required by BBHR&PM to hold a reservation and to pay for security deposits and other fees during your stay. The name on the credit card must be the name on the reservation, and a picture ID will be required upon check-in. No charges will be processed without a signed rental agreement. If any costs or damages, including and without limitation to: extra cleaning fees, extra trash, or utilities are discovered during or within a reasonable time after your stay, your credit card on file will be charged for corresponding amounts. Guest must notify management in writing, via e-mail during their occupancy and allow 24 hours to correct any problem if it is within management’s control.  Absolutely no charge-backs will be allowed after guest’s departure unless approved in writing by both parties.  Any credit card fees incurred by guest’s attempting to do so will be their full responsibility.

Security Deposit / Additional Costs
The security deposit will be used by BBHR&M, at its sole discretion, to pay for restoration of the property to move-in conditions, other than for normal wear and tear (additional costs). Additional Costs include without limitation, cleaning beyond normal wear and tear, removing excessive garbage, repairing or replacing any part of the premises, its contents, common areas and recreational facilities for damage caused after your move-in. If said deposit is insufficient, you agree to allow BBHR&PM to charge your credit card on file to pay the additional costs or may send you an invoice that is payable in full upon receipt. If all terms and conditions of the agreement are fulfilled the deposit will be returned in FULL within 7-21 BUSINESS DAYS AFTER DEPARTURE.

Guest Responsibility
You accept the responsibility to properly maintain the property during occupancy and agree to replace or repair and pay for any breakage, damage, or loss caused by you or your visitors during occupancy, other than normal wear and tear.

This rental program is under management of BBHR&PM who acts only as an agent for the owners. All properties are privately owned; neither management nor owners will be responsible for any accidents or injury to guests or loss of money, jewelry or valuables of any kind.

Families and Business Guests
The owners of the vacation properties require that BBHR&PM book their homes with individuals that are: (1) families, (2) business owners, their employees, or their representatives, and (3) other responsible groups. Notwithstanding the above, fraternities, sororities, and other associations that are primarily comprised of individuals under 25 years old are not permitted to reserve and stay in BBHR&PM represented vacation properties.

Special Needs Guests
When traveling with individuals that are elderly, have a disability or other special needs, you agree to contact our office so that we may help you find a vacation rental property that is convenient and accessible for all members of your party. Please understand that vacation rentals are considered under the law to be private homes and are not subject to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Nevertheless, we understand and care about your special needs individual, and will do our best to attempt to locate an appropriate place in the area for your party.

Repairs and Maintenance
We cannot guarantee against mechanical failure of heating, appliances, TV’s/VCR’s/DVD Players, stereo equipment, internet access, etc. BBHR&PM is not responsible for any circumstances beyond our control, such as disturbances on nearby properties, construction noise, or acts of nature. Please report any inoperative equipment to our office promptly. We will make every reasonable effort to have repairs done quickly and efficiently.


Frivolous Repair Calls
Our company experiences repeated calls for repairs that are due to guest misuse or unfamiliarity with amenities. Often the problem can be solved by following the phone instructions of our maintenance personnel or instructions in the Welcome Books located at the property. If you represent that the problem persists after being given instructions a repairman will be dispatched. If the repairman discovers that the problem could have been solved by following the instructions, you will be responsible for that maintenance bill.

Owners Closets
Many of our properties have locked owner’s closets or cupboards for the homeowner’s personal items to be stored. Backup linens are also kept in these closets so the property can be ready promptly for the next guest. Please do not try to force them open. Any damage, use of locked backup linens or content loss will be deducted from your security deposit.

Future Reservations for Return Guests
As a return guest, you have the option to make reservations for the upcoming year. Guests have the option to reserve the same dates or longer for next year without having to wait. However, failure to procure your reservation could result in accommodations getting secured by other return guests. This option must be verbalized upon check-in and finalized with a paid reservation guaranteed prior to departure.

Vacation Rental Ordinance
Listed below are some key points that we want to share with you.

1) No amplified outdoor music of any kind is permitted for vacation rentals. Reasonable volume meaning a decibel level which will not offend your neighbors!

2) There is a fixed maximum occupancy limit for each rental property based upon the number of bedrooms, please refer your contract for the detailed information. Please note that any children 5 years and older will require their own bed.

3) Dispatched police visits to any property where Beach Bum Holiday Rentals and Management can verify a city ordinance or the rental agreement has been violated will result in the loss of your security deposit and could result in immediate eviction.

Cancellations & Refunds
If the check-in date is more than 30 days from the cancellation the reservation guarantee is forfeit. All monies paid are forfeit if the check-in date is within 30 days.

If you choose to cancel your reservation for any reason all monies paid are forfeit.


Non-Refundable Damage Protection Insurance
For your convenience you have the option of $49 Accidental Rental Damage Protection Insurance offered by BBHR&PM.  Accidental Rental Damage Protection Insurance provides up to $1500 if the property or its contents are damaged accidentally during your stay. This coverage is not in effect if you maliciously damage or break any items in the property. Those costs if necessary will be charged to the credit card we have on account. This insurance is non-refundable.

No Smoking Policy
All BBHR&PM properties are non-smoking. Violation of the no smoking policy will result in loss of deposit and damage liability.

Some properties in our rentals program are equipped with a telephone and the phone number is provided to you on the Welcome Book located at the property. Some Owners graciously furnish telephones for your convenience and safety. The phones have a long-distance block in place that prevents any long-distance calls. Any long-distance calls should be charged to your calling card or made by cellular phone. If a toll call appears on the owner’s phone bill for the dates you were in the property, the amount of the calls and a $20 service fee will be deducted from your security deposit.

Some of our homeowners will allow pets. Be sure and ask about these properties when you speak with a Reservation Specialist or search for our Pet Friendly properties here on our website. There is a minimum $100-$300 Pet Fee in addition to the Security Deposit, so the carpets and all upholstery can be cleaned after the guest pet departs.

Noncompliance to pet restrictions is grounds for immediate eviction without refund and will result in loss of full Security Deposit.

Reservations with a pet(s) that exceed one month are subject to property inspections every 30 days and additional cleaning if deemed necessary. If the property is found to be kept in an unacceptable condition BBHR&PM reserves the right to terminate the reservation immediately.

Our rental rates are based upon two persons per bedroom. Children are counted in total occupancy unless they are under the age of five. Over occupancy is considered a serious violation of your agreement, and we reserve the right to deny access or to have the premises vacated with no refund of monies, and could result in forfeiture of Security Deposit.

Parking is allowed only in assigned parking spaces or garages. Parking areas are for automobiles only. RV’s, travel trailers, boat trailers, etc. are not permitted. Please do not leave your car in the garage or parking space after check-out.

Lost and Found
If you leave something behind, call our office immediately. We will make every effort to locate the item and return it to you. We will contact you if an item is discovered, if we do not hear from you within 7 days of contact all unclaimed items will be donated to a charitable organization. BBHR&PM is not responsible for any lost items that we are unable to locate.

The minimum shipping charge is $25.

Occupancy Limits
Our rental rates are based upon a maximum of two persons per bedroom. Children are counted in total occupancy, unless they are under the age of two. Occupancy (having more than two persons per bedroom) is a serious violation and breach of these BBHR&PM Terms & Conditions, and BBHR&PM reserves the right to deny access or to have the premises vacated with no refund of monies.

No Event/Party Policy
Unless otherwise authorized in writing by BBHR&PM, no celebrations, parties or other events (collectively “events”) are to be held at a BBHR&PM vacation rental property during your occupancy. Holding an event without receiving prior approval or permission from BBHR&PM is considered an abuse and breach of BBHR&PM’s Terms and Conditions and cause for immediate termination of Occupancy. Upon any infraction of rules, BBHR&PM may at its sole option, terminate all BBHR&PM agreement with you, including termination of occupancy immediately. In this event, you will forfeit all monies, including security deposits.

No Move Policy
While every reasonable attempt is made to accommodate you, after you reserve a specific BBHR&PM vacation rental property, BBHR&PM cannot move your reservation to another property.

No Hold Over/Stay Over Policy
BBHR&PM attempts to ensure that all its properties are fully booked and reserved for the owners of the vacation rental properties. Unfortunately, we cannot permit you to remain on the vacation rental property beyond the date and time for checkout that you have previously agreed to during your reservation and confirmed by email, unless you have made a prior written agreement with BBHR&PM. If you hold over or remain on the vacation rental property beyond the time and date of checkout, you agree and consent to be removed from the premises and locked out of the vacation rental property by BBHR&PM, its representatives, and/or law enforcement. You further consent to permit BBHR&PM to remove your personal belongings to a location of BBHR&PM’s choice, where you can retrieve them.

Vacation Rental (No Lease)
This is a vacation rental agreement for temporary vacation stay at a BBHR&PM managed vacation rental property. THIS AGREEMENT IS NOT A LEASE AND CONVEYS NO RIGHTS IN REAL PROPERTY. By agreeing to the BBHR&PM’s Terms & Conditions, you stipulate and agree that you have not and will not receive a real property interest in or rights to the vacation rental property.

Cancellation of Reservation
If the property which is the subject of this agreement becomes unavailable for any reason, all efforts will be made to find a suitable substitute property. If that cannot be accomplished to guest satisfaction, all monies shall be returned in full to the guest, with no further liability opposed upon BBHR&PM or the property owner.  BBHR&PM will not be in breach of the terms of this agreement if the cancellation by BBHR&PM is beyond reasonable control including and without limitation to a change in ownership of the property, a damage or malfunction of equipment, disturbances on nearby properties, construction in or adjacent to the property, labor disputes, governmental regulations or controls, fire or other casualty, holdover tenants from a previous rental, inability to obtain materials or services, technical failure or difficulties, problems or interruptions with the internet or television, computer viruses, acts of god, insurrection, terrorism, or any other cause.

Property Unavailable Disclosure
If, after this reservation is completed, and correspondence or discussions with the guest disclose a change in circumstances involving the reservation of this property, BBHR&PM has a right to refuse a reservation to the guest if the reservation is not conducive to the welfare of the property.  Such circumstances include but are not limited to an event or party planned during the guests’ occupancy of the property, violations of the occupancy limits, rules regarding pets, age limitations or the purpose of the rental.  This is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of circumstances which may cause a cancellation of reservation.   If the reservation is cancelled pursuant to this section, BBHR&PM will return all monies deposited to the guest.