Pismo Beach Property Management 

Looking for Pismo Beach Property Management to lease your coastal California property the smart way? Our team at Beach Bum Holiday Rentals and Property Management is dedicated to providing owners and tenants with the best service and support possible. We are a leader in the industry due to our attention to the details, ability to secure quality, long-term renters and signature management style.

We carefully curate the exclusive, long-term rentals in Pismo Beach that we manage in order to maintain the highest level of professionalism and quality for our property owners. We understand how to put homeowners at ease by managing the entire process of finding renters through maintaining the property during their stay.
Our dedication to details ensures the move-in and move-out process is simple for both the homeowner and tenant. We also maintain a network of maintenance professionals who are just a call away should the need arise! Homeowners are even provide marketing and advertising services through targeted outreach to get more eyes on your rental property.

We appreciate you considering conducting business with Beach Bum Rentals. Our intent is to provide you with the quality service you deserve and nothing less by providing the best possible Pismo Beach property management services. Please read over our services below and contact us with any questions you may have at 805.773.7194.

Beach Bum Leasing Services

  • Management Fees: Vary depending on classification of property. We collect all rents and maintain accurate tenant records through the length of their stay. Rental Processing includes a thorough application process, credit check, and rental and income/employment verification.
    3–Day Notice: Notices are compiled and served to tenants who are late with rent. We never enact a service charge to long-term rental homeowners for serving 3-day notices.
  • Statements/Owner Disbursements: Statements are disbursed on a monthly basis, usually between the 10th and the 15th of the following month. For your convenience, owner disbursement checks are delivered on a monthly basis with the owner statements by either issuing checks or through direct deposit available at your request.
  • Accounts Payable: Payments for miscellaneous vendors will be made monthly by the Beach Bum Holiday Rentals and Property Management team (i.e., utilities, landscaping, pest control, etc.).
  • Collections/Evictions: Although our intention is to avoid obtaining unlawful detainer actions against tenants at all cost, sometimes they are inevitable. The unlawful detainer action fees are $1,1.00 (subject to increase), are paid by the owner and charged to the corresponding tenant. Sheriff’s lockout charges are $175.00. When necessary, we will represent you in court at no extra charge.
  • Move-Out Inspections: When a tenant vacates a unit, we will conduct a thorough inspection, order any maintenance, conduct necessary painting and cleaning, and assess charges against the tenant’s security deposit. Strict office policies are followed if inspection is conducted with or without tenant being present.
  • Pre Move-In Inspections: Prior to renting a unit, we will conduct a thorough final inspection after all vacant unit work is completed. Our team will note the condition of unit prior to tenancy in order to monitor maintenance performed on all Pismo Beach long term rentals.
  • Tenant Emergencies: Our company has established a separate maintenance phone line for tenant use to report necessary repairs. The system is set up for both emergency and non-emergency calls. We have an answering service for all emergency calls, 24 hours a day, to ensure timely service. Immediate action will take place in case of an emergency, or we will notify the appropriate vendor for the repair during normal business hours to obtain a quote. The owner will then be contacted for authorization.
  • Advertising: Our team will coordinate all advertising for vacant long-term rental properties (paid by owner) to reduce the time rentals are left vacant.
    For more information on how to partner with a Pismo Beach property management company you can trust, reach out by calling 805-773-7194 or 866-737-7367. We look forward to speaking with you!